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Personal Injury

Personal injury relates to the bodily harm incidental to an accident or mishap. Personal injuries could occur in any number of activities including those at work, in your car or around the house.

Sometimes a personal injury and a work related injury are one in the same. If a car crash occurs while the occupant(s) is involved in their work, the care of the bodily harm could fall under either the provisions of some automobile insurance policy or the state's workman's compensation provisions. Our office is familiar with the necessary procedures to help smooth out the wrinkles.

Because most personal injuries do not require surgery, chiropractic doctors should be your first choice for care. As conservative care experts, chiropractic doctors will recognize any need for medical referral as well as the most effective conservative care measures to employ. The first 24 hours following a personal injury is a most critical time. The right care at the right time is always best.

Alas, sometimes chiropractic care is not the first choice. If the injury is resolved, no harm done. Still, you should know that chiropractic care is quite effective even after other treatment options have failed to resolve your injury.

With proper care provided, recovery time should be shortened allowing for a speedy return to work or play. Isn't that what you want?

* Please see other related topics on our website "Car Accident" and/or "Whiplash Injuries".

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