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Once upon a time we ate the foods we hunted or gathered. It was hard work. We often expended more energy in our search for food than we aquired in its consumption.

The food that was available was untouched by chemical fertilizers,pesticides and herbicides. We call such food today organic.

There were few choices. One chose to eat what was at hand or one simply starved. Any nutritional deficiencies were due to a lack of availability. If neccessary nutrients were absent from the diet people got sick and often perished.

Today, food is everywhere. We are literally dying from the endless parade of food choices constantly thrown at us by television, radio, billboards, magazines, newspapers, and now the digital media.

How unfortunate for us that many, if not most, of these food choices involve something less than foods. Some would argue that much of what we eat today is not actually food at all. Many fof the most popular choices are devoid of neccessary nutrients and packed with chemical flavor enhancers, colors and preservatives. In spite of these shortcomings, they certainly are tasty.

Manufacturers insist these products are not harmful and maybe some day we will really know. For now, the only thing we absolutely can say without any doubt is that these quasi food choices are lacking in many vital nutrients.

Nutritional deficiencies rob the body of vitality. Without proper nutrition we may become ill or allow for genetic problems to manifest. Sometimes people's nutritional failings will manifest as fatigue, mood swings or insomnia. These symptoms are often taken for granted or controlled with medications. When left unchecked, however, these same deficiencies can contribute to diseases such as arteriosclerosis, high blood pressure, diabetes and arthritis.

Scientists now recognize that even mild nutritional deficiencies can create subtle symptoms of disease. It has been found that through detoxification, dietary improvements and nutritional supplementation, many of these health problems can be improved or resolved.

Nutritional counseling will provide you with specific information that is tailored to your individualized wellness needs. In today's toxic world we must better understand which foods, vitamins, herbs, and health practices can provide for the optimal health and longevity you desire.

With the use of cutting edge nutritional tactics you become empowered to make the lifestyle changes you need to achieve your health related goals. We can create optimal health and vitality by:

  • Boosting energy levels
  • Boosting immune system function
  • Increasing mental focus
  • Weight loss and weight maintainence
  • Improve insulin sensitivity
  • Detoxifying and revitalization of internal organs
  • Reducing the risk of disease

Avoid the frustration and high cost of struggling with endless diet books and "quick fixes". Treat the underlying causes of your health conditions rather than the symptoms. With the targeted nutritional strategies we will discuss, you could save thousands of dollars in medical care while preventing many of the most common diseases menacing western society today.

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