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If our years really do shape our lives, then the shaping began for me in Baton Rouge.  I grew up outside the city limits near a little neighborhood just off Jefferson Highway called Jefferson Terrace. We used to hike and camp in the woods where I-10 and The Mall of Louisiana stand today.  

My dad was a small general contractor and my brothers and I were part of his labor contingent. When we were little, to keep us out of mischief, he'd pick us up from school and take us out on his jobs where we'd pick up trash or pull nails out of boards. (Except for his rules, there were few others governing what could or could not be done with your own children back then.) We had a big garden and a great big yard and we mowed and hoed them both for, what seemed like to me, most of my whole young life. 

Mom saw to it that we all went to Sunday school and church while Dad made sure we learned to hunt, to fish, and to love LSU football.  I'll always remember going to football games on Saturday nights. (I never got to, but one time my oldest brother even got to ride atop Mike the Tiger's cage around the field in Tiger Stadium.) GEAUX Tigers!

My main school interests were art and sports. When I graduated high school, I joined the Navy, saw the world, got out and went to college on the G.I. Bill.  Halfway through LSU I visited the Texas Chiropractic College in Pasadena, Texas and discovered what I wanted to do with my life. 

It was at the chiropractic college that I met my wife, Corinne. When I graduated in 1986 we opened up our first clinic in North Carolina.  We lived in North Carolina for six years. But with each visit back home it seemed my mom and dad had grown so much older. This, coupled with being so far from my roots in Louisiana, finally resulted in our moving back to Baton Rouge in 1991.

Corinne and I have worked together in our clinics for a long time now and have watched our son, and now our granddaughter grow up around our patients.  We hope our influence in their lives will be as meaningful to them as our parents' were to each of us. 

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